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Julie Lewin

Julie Lewin

Course Collaborator

Medical Intuitive with her own healing modality AreekeerA®

I’m Julie Lewin. For the past 35 years I’ve practised as a medical intuitive. I’ve given hope and healing to people who’ve had nowhere else to turn. Over the last few years, I’ve been able to easily manifest as many clients as I want because I feel so confident with my work and what I have to offer.

My business and healing powers continue to go from strength to strength and I’ve become the go to healer for healers + coaches + therapists who are successful in some areas of their lives, yet still need help with their health.

However, it hasn’t always been this way. For years, I battled my own health challenges and know how difficult it is to run a successful business when you’re ill, in pain or dealing with fatigue. At times, I’ve struggled with doubt, a fear of fame and self worth.

Sadly, I was a genius at looking after everyone else, but I wasn’t looking after me. But through this, I developed a series of healing techniques which I’ve used extensively to navigate my ill health and manage a thriving business. I’ve also used them successfully with the many thousands of clients I’ve supported over the years. 

The energy that helped me create this modality is called AreekeerA® which incorporates integrated healing of the 7 aspects of self: Physical + Emotional + Mental + Auric + Energy + Spiritual + Etheric.

AreekeerA® is a holistic approach to living a life of peace, health, happiness and harmony.

Tash Lewin

Tash Lewin

Course Collaborator

Brand Strategist & Graphic Designer

Hi, I’m Tash. I am a Brand Strategist and Graphic Designer, which I have been doing for the last decade. During this decade, I have done many things related to business, design, branding & marketing and it has all led me back to here.

I have been a freelance graphic designer & brand strategist, and a University Lecturer teaching graphic design, web design and digital marketing. I have written a Graphic Design diploma, assisted two incredible heart-centred entrepreneurs create their own oracle card decks, run & sold a profitable wedding business, launched a product based business and I have finally come back to teaching. 

After 2 years of intense inner work and re-discovering myself through multiple personality profiling systems (ask me which ones, I LOVE to talk about them, lol), I finally feel like I know and love who I truly am and I am ready to transform the world. This has led me back to teaching, as it really was my first love.

I am a voracious reader, I love pretty things, and artwork inspires me. I love seeing patterns in the world around me, I am endlessly asking questions and making connections that inspire ideas for myself and those around me. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and my curiosity knows no bounds.  

I can’t wait to  take you on this journey and see your oracle cards inspire the world.


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