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You are an enlightener. You have a direct line to the Akashic and Universal Flow. You seek to know, and you just do. You tap into past, present, and future possibilities, bringing to the world the information it needs to make them manifest. You may not know what this looks like but you know it exists, somewhere and somewhen. You know that you will meet the person who is meant to create what you know.

You have the extraordinary ability to receive downloads of information. You just
know, and you can rarely explain how you know. You receive information for
yourself, sometimes for others. You may get detailed information downloads, or
fleeting thoughts pass through. You may receive these downloads while awake,
in meditation, dreaming or in a lucid dream state.

The key differentiator for this Language type is that you just KNOW things.

You use language like “Yeah, I know”, “I don’t know how, but I just know”, “I had a
download”, “I told you so”, “I know what you mean”, “I understand”, “I get it”


It includes:

Your Intuitive Language breakdown

Common Signs & Symbols

What to do when you feel stuck

How to make the picture clearer

 Learn how to hone this ability and use it consciously during your co-creating work, download the PDF Report you have been emailed.

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If this Intuitive Language Result isn’t what you thought it would be, a few things could be happening:

  • This Intuitive Language ACTUALLY IS your Dominant one, but you aren’t using it consciously. Assume it is correct and begin practicing it consciously in your day to day life.
  • The quiz determines the dominant language based on which Result had the MOST answers. You may be accessing multiple Languages and not realise that the Result you received is the one you do the MOST often.

Want to know your own Dominant Intuitive Language?


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